• Clothing styled to fit your individuality.

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Stylebox Saturday

Almost every Saturday Stylebox goes live on Facebook where you can shop for fashion, enjoy some good music, entertainment and connect with other shoppers that are a part of this virtual community we like to call Stylebox Saturday!

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Personal styling

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Wanna feel great? Want to have some flare and don't know what you want? Problem solved...here, u walk in and you're welcome.

This woman literally gets excited when you feel good and look good... and that's what comes with your purchase. And once she's helped you, she knows u...it's like having your own personal stylist.

🖤 highly recommended.

Barbara Albers

One of the best boutiques in North Carolina! Incredible and genuine owner and staff. Adorable clothing in all price ranges and for all occasions. Unique, fun basics and outfits and THE most fun and different jewelry I have ever bought. I wear at least one of my current pieces every day and am often asked "Where did I get it?" A pleasure to shop there.

Christine Gonzales

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Get the couture right to your door. Completely personalized, just for YOU.

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