Button Fly (cat scratch) denim

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Made in Italy! It might've come on a boat, but more like a luxurious cruise ship because this denim is QUALITY!

This denim is that jean clients ask me for ALL the time... clean but not too clean, destructed but not open holes and not really destructed (yes, this is what I deal with, LOL)  thankfully I'm good a what I do and know you need this style before you ask me because YES ladies, there's a way to be basic and still edgy without thinking you have to go to Ol' Navy! 

This denim has an angled stitch crossing over each leg, the "destruction" isn't really destruction it's more what I call "cat scratch" rugged enough to add edge but nothing so destroyed that you can't wear it to work!  Don't let the button fly scare you, c'mon ladies, unless you use the restroom every 3 minutes, you can deal with it for the added style button fly gives you!

Want to know how to make this as versatile as I claim it to be, as a stylist I can help show you HOW to achieve the different looks.  Follow me on FB @stylebox!