High Rise Colorblock

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This jean is LIFE!!!!!!!! I mean it takes you back to a time when you were care free, lived on the edge and off of your weekly allowance!  Take yourself back in time but do it even better because now you REALLY possess the confidence to wear WHATEVER YOU WANT, WITH WHATEVER YOU WANT and WHEREVER  YOU CHOOSE TO GO!  You won't get grounded in these jeans, but you WILL get lots of compliments, THIS I AM SURE OF! 


Oh, did I mention they were super high rise?!  They're referred to as a mom jean and let's be honest, is that so bad!!?! Stop and think about it, moms ARE the true rock stars and trendsetters then we came and wrecked their world!!!!! xo xo xo  Step out of your box, Get the jeans, you'll thank me!