Greyson Neoprene Oversized Tote

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These amazing bags are made of perforated neoprene fabric, rope handles and a removable structured base, snap closure and snap in “winged” side panels. It has an interior drop pocket and comes with an interior “pouch” with a wrislet strap👌🏼Those are the technical descriptors but in my words, these bags are ADDICTIVE!!!

easy to keep clean and by design, basically water resistant! Carry this style day to day or as a "weekender" bag. The small clutch that comes inside each bag is held by a detachable cord to keep your bag safe and secure without fear of losing your valuables! Most of the bag color combos come with the Haute Shore "signature" athletic stripe detail - very few do not but they are a statement on their own ❤️ 


15 inch wide / 11.8 tall / 9.5 deep

pouch 8.5 inch wide / 6 inches tall